Scrip Program

Scrip Program at Venture Academy

What is Scrip?

A Scrip is a provisional certificate of money entitling the holder to the face value at a designated location. For Venture Academy, using Scrip is a simple but powerful way to turn routine everyday purchases and shopping trips into opportunities to make a real difference for your own child’s education or for Venture as a whole. Scrip allows you to use gift cards instead of cash, checks, or credit cards for everyday purchases like groceries, gas, and clothing. Every time you use Scrip, you earn credit toward your child’s tuition at Venture or credit toward Venture’s general fund.

Who is RaiseRight?

RaiseRight is the website and app that Venture has partnered with. It enables families to use Scrip to fundraise for Venture Academy. RaiseRight not only benefits Venture Academy but also rewards each user for their everyday purchases.

How do they help Venture?

Using RaiseRight, Venture Academy tracks your Scrip purchases and rewards you with 5% of the total amount toward your tuition–even if a particular business advertises returning either a higher or lower amount than 5%. That’s right—simply by shopping smartly with Scrip, you can either reduce a specific family’s tuition or contribute directly to Venture Academy’s general fund. Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or a weekend shopping spree, every purchase benefits Venture Academy. With RaiseRight, you have access to hundreds of brands, both online and in-store. From electronic gift cards to physical ones, there’s something for everyone. Plus, with most electronic gift cards appearing in your wallet within seconds on the RaiseRight app, you can use them immediately, making your shopping experience seamless and convenient.

Who can participate?

Anyone can use Scrip to help with your tuition or to benefit Venture Academy! Grandparents, friends, and even neighbors can purchase Scrip gift cards and designate your family to receive the credit toward your Venture tuition or toward Venture. It’s a community effort united by a common goal: providing the best education for our children at Venture Academy.

How to place a Scrip order for Venture:

To use Scrip for Venture Academy, please follow the instructions below:

  • Venture’s Enrollment Code: Use Venture’s specific enrollment code 9ZIXDFRM6BTI to access the Scrip Program on the RaiseRight App or at
  • Browse Available Brands: The most up-to-date list of available gift card brands and increments is on the RaiseRight App or at You can explore all brands by clicking on the ‘See All Brands’ link at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can search by category or type in the name of the retailer you’re interested in.
  • Electronic vs. Physical Gift Cards: Note that you can purchase some gift cards for electronic use, some for physical use, and some offer both options.
  • Using Electronic Gift Cards: If you’re ordering an electronic gift card, it will appear in your wallet on the RaiseRight App for immediate use. These electronic gift cards can be utilized in stores at checkout or online, often within seconds of purchase.
  • Physical Gift Card Orders: If you’re ordering a physical gift card, please refrain from selecting ‘ship to coordinator’ as Venture is not currently placing physical gift card orders. Physical gift card orders will only be processed and shipped if Venture initiates an order. In this case, you would select ‘Ship to Home’ and pay a small shipping fee.
  • Tuition Credit: You’ll receive tuition credit on a Monday-through-Monday basis, except at the end/beginning of the month if the month ends on a day other than Monday. You’ll receive a 5% tuition credit from your total Scrip order. Tuition statements are typically mailed out at the beginning of each month.
  • Ordering for Others: Family and friends can also place orders on your behalf. Please inform us of these individuals so we can apply their orders to your tuition credit or toward Venture Academy as well.

Thank you for participating in Venture Academy’s Scrip Program. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Valerie Johnson.