• A hallmark of Venture Academy will be that it’s decidedly Christian, teaching from a biblical worldview while celebrating God’s unique and purposeful design of each student. Always and everywhere, we will anchor our thinking, teaching, learning, activity, and culture in Jesus Christ as revealed in scripture. Venture Academy will partner with parents and the local church to disciple this generation to live out their faith as the cultural salt and light in the Chippewa Valley and beyond.

    We believe faith and reason aren’t in conflict, rather they are compatible. Students at Venture Academy will grow in their faith while also benefiting from a world-class academic experience. Teaching and learning will be designed to connect foundational skills to real-world applications and future possibilities through a research-proven inquiry-based approach. At Venture, exceptional academics begins with the development of knowledge and skills in a rigorous learning environment where students can attain mastery, strengthen competencies, and are challenged to grow,

    Venture Academy will endeavor to create a culture of belonging, mutual respect, and high character where students can thrive spiritually, academically, and emotionally. As the school wholeheartedly pursues preparing students for today’s complex, rapidly changing world, our commitment is to equip and empower them to impact the Chippewa Valley, our region, and the world for Jesus Christ.

  • The dream to start another Christian school option in the Chippewa Valley has been years in the making. The Venture Academy School Design Team seeks to create a “running to” value proposition versus a reaction to the public school sector. We aim to offer a positive alternative for families seeking strong academics with faith at its core for their children.

  • Venture Academy was formed under the direction of a School Design Team. Members of Jacob’s Well Church were a part of the process. However, Venture Academy is a private, non-denominational Christian school that will welcome students and families from many different churches in the Chippewa Valley.

    We recently hosted a Chippewa Valley pastors luncheon with over 30 clergies and staff in attendance. A sub-group was formed comprised of pastoral representatives from seven local churches to design Venture Academy’s Statement of Faith.

  • Venture Academy desires to reflect the body of Christ socially, racially, economically, and denominationally. It will be our commitment to seek a balanced representation of students from different cultures, socioeconomic statuses, and backgrounds from the Chippewa Valley.

  • Venture Academy will seek to attract top-tier teachers and provide an exceptional education experience and strong student culture, which will take revenue. At the same time, we aim to make Venture accessible to all students and families who desire a Christian education.

    As of now, we are modeling a tuition price point that considers the socio-economics of the Chippewa Valley while providing sustainable funding for a dynamic Christian education. We will offer financial aid based on demonstrated economic need as the criterion.

  • Yes, Venture Academy will provide formal Bible classes by grade level and weekly age-appropriate Chapels (i.e., PreK, Lower School, Middle School, and High School). Local children’s pastors and youth pastors will be invited to speak at the Chapels. Teachers, administrators, club advisors, and coaches will be required to integrate the Word of God and model their faith into their daily responsibilities. Over time students will benefit from an integrated view of life, that Jesus is relevant to all activities and disciplines. This combats a compartmentalized view of faith that sees some things as secular (i.e., math, sports, etc.) and some sacred (chapel, Bible, church).

    According to Colossians 1:18, Jesus is to be first or pre-eminent in all things. We will work at Venture Academy to instill within students a worldview that regards play, relationships, conduct, athletics, and learning all as forms of worship.

  • Yes, Venture Academy will pursue accreditation within the first year of opening. Accreditation is an external validation of the quality of Venture Academy and its educational program. The School Design Team is comprised of education consultants who have a lot of experience with accreditation. All the steps being pursued in laying the foundation for Venture Academy will be evidence pieces for future accreditation. Parents and other stakeholders should have peace of mind that Venture desires this degree of accountability by pursuing a process of an external and exhaustive review of every facet of the school.

  • We believe the teacher is the “Living Curriculum” who must model, teach, and promote a contagious faith. Teachers implement the school’s mission daily in their classrooms, which is the ultimate metric everything at Venture is measured against. We are committed to attracting and retaining top educational talent who love Jesus Christ at Venture Academy. Teachers, support staff, and administration will be compensated equally to their public school colleagues. They will have personalized professional development plans that invite growth and development as education leaders.

  • While each class size may vary, our goal remains to offer a student-to-teacher ratio that allows each student to succeed at every level of development. All early education classes will have under 20 students and have both a full-time licensed teacher and a teacher’s aide. In Lower School (grades K-6), our average class size will be 20-22 students. Middle and High School courses will have a class size comparable to the Lower School.

  • At this time, Venture Academy families will be providing their own transportation. The school will work to assist parents with the facilitation of carpools, early morning supervision, and after-school programming.

  • At Venture Academy, we start with the student, discerning their learning style and working to provide learning that is personalized for them. We believe our responsibility is to provide the opportunity to attend to as many students as we can adequately serve. We recognize that some students may need additional support to be successful. Venture Academy may cap the number of students with special accommodations due to staffing or program limitations. Upon submission of diagnostic and accommodation materials, the Admissions Department will decide if Venture can properly support the student applicant.

  • Yes, absolutely! In time, Venture Academy will offer a diverse range of sports, clubs, and extracurricular options for students of all ages.

  • Yes. Please find the full guidelines and quick reference links below:
    Venture Dress Code Quick Reference
    Venture Dress Code Full Guidelines