Parallel Scheduling

Parallel Scheduling

Kindergarten through Grade 6

Venture Academy is dedicated to transforming the educational experience by prioritizing student-centric scheduling. Our commitment to academic excellence and positive school culture is exemplified through our innovative approach of offering parallel scheduling for kindergarten through sixth grade.

At the heart of our scheduling philosophy is the belief that an effective school schedule is instrumental in shaping a conducive learning environment and driving academic growth for all students. Parallel scheduling, a cornerstone of our methodology, involves organizing core subject areas across grade levels simultaneously each day, allowing for student movement based on academic criteria and performance. 

Venture has strategically implemented parallel scheduling for mathematics and literacy. From 8:45 am to 10:00 am each school day, students will immerse themselves in Literacy, which includes reading, writing, language arts, spelling, and handwriting. From 10:15 am to 11:15 am, all students will engage in Mathematics. 

What sets Venture apart is our ability to tailor our approach to each student, thanks to the flexibility offered by parallel scheduling. Our seasoned educators are deeply committed to your child’s success and partnering with you in your student’s educational journey. This deliberate implementation of parallel scheduling serves as a catalyst for maximized academic growth, fostering positive and engaging learning environments for the entire Venture community and for individual students specifically.