Owning The Journey

At Venture, we believe that students learn best when they’re empowered to take ownership of their education and embrace curiosity. Students at Venture are fully engaged in collaborative and hands-on learning environments as they develop foundational skills and practice them in real-world applications. Through this more personalized approach to learning, each individual student is able to get the attention they deserve as they explore their callings and bring creative solutions to complex problems. Every day, our teachers thoughtfully prepare their classrooms to cultivate a lifelong passion for learning in our students as they experience the smallest questions turn into the greatest adventures.

Challenging Curriculum

Venture Academy prepares students to thrive intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually in a rapidly changing world. We empower them to become virtuous men and women of character and faith for a dynamic tomorrow. Through our thoughtfully curated and crafted, future-ready curriculum, students excel in core subject competencies while developing an authentic faith of their own. Ventures curriculum goes beyond textbooks by fostering creative thinking, problem-solving, creativity, emotional intelligence, and collaboration skills. By embracing emerging technologies, real-world applications, and an innovation mindset, we ensure students are positioned to succeed beyond Venture. With this future-ready approach, Venture Academy is able to foster adaptable and resilient leaders who are prepared to navigate the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. View Our K-6 Curriculum

Losing Sight of The Shore

Children today are growing up in a rapidly changing world, where 65% of elementary students will work in a job that doesn’t yet exist. That’s why innovation lives at the heart of our classrooms as students develop the core mindsets needed to thrive in a world full of exciting unknowns. Teachers ignite curiosity in collaborative learning environments, as students are grounded in the truth that all things are possible through Christ. Unafraid to lose sight of the shore, students boldly chart their own course while using these six mindsets to guide the way toward a better tomorrow.

Forging Character

We’re here to empower our students to become leaders of our world tomorrow, and that begins with helping them build a strong foundation in Christ as they develop a deep sense of character, values, and perseverance. Our teachers understand that they haven’t just been called to equip students to do school well but also do life well. That’s why we prioritize creating positive and safe learning environments for students where they have room to grow and the freedom to learn through failure. Experience is priceless, and it’s in these moments that our students are able to learn the lessons that will help them grow into bold leaders with confidence that there’s no tomorrow that can’t be built.