Partnership with Parents

Our Partnership
with Parents

Venture Academy is committed to partnering with parents, not merely as a formality but as a cornerstone of the school experience. We believe our parents are partners with us, promoting, enhancing, and enriching the mission of Venture, empowering Christ-centered leaders, designers, and innovators for a world we can’t yet imagine. Venture respects parental authority and esteems the role of parents, all while seeking ways to build a strong relationship with every parent. By partnering with parents, Venture extends its influence beyond the classroom, creating a nurturing community that reinforces academic, social, emotional, and character development.

This partnership values parents as essential co-educators in their children’s development and academic growth. Through routine communications, an open-door policy, transparency, parent-teacher collaboration, opportunities, a personalized student learning plan designed together, and involvement in school activities, parents gain insight into their child’s educational experiences and contribute meaningfully to their holistic development. Partnering with parents is a differentiator of Venture. An authentic connection between parents and school is critical for laying a strong foundation for academic success, social development, and lifelong learning. 

Furthermore, Venture Academy parents are involved in the school’s day-to-day operations. Through volunteer opportunities, tutoring students, or participating in the parent association, Venture encourages relationships and connections among parents, staff, and students. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of belonging and accountability within the school community, empowering students to thrive as they grow into leaders equipped to navigate an ever-changing world.