Venture Academy & Valley Sports Academy are excited to announce an innovative sports-education collaboration new to the Chippewa Valley. This partnership will serve and be open to Local, National, and International students who enroll in Venture Academy, allowing students to reach their goals on both an educational and sports platform at the highest level in the area.

Both Venture Academy and Valley Sports Academy are excited to expand on the opportunities that this partnership will have to offer for decades to come.

Venture Athletics for 2024-2025

  • Venture Academy will offer an innovative education program to students in grades K-6.
  • Valley Sports Academy will establish and work with Venture Academy to develop an athletic and/or physical fitness program for K-6 students.
  • For non-local players interested in VSA’s Tier 1 Program, Venture Academy will provide billeting and host families for student-athletes who do not live in the Chippewa Valley
  • For the 2024-2025 school year because of Venture Academy’s national and international host family program, Venture Academy will coordinate all out-of-area Valley Sports Academy’s Tier 1 Hockey players’ placement with a local host family.
  • Valley Sports Academy will be offering all Venture Academy students and families a special discount within our facility, welcoming all students to the VSA family

Venture Academy and Valley Sports Academy are eager to expand this partnership for grades K-12 based on demand. If you have a passion for a higher K-12 education that is paired with an elite level of sports, reach out now for more information. Our Venture & VSA staff are happy to answer your questions and inquiries.