Mark Reams

Mark Reams

Director of Finance & Operations

Mark Reams is the Director of Finance and Operations at Venture Academy. He brings over 30 years of experience in executive leadership, project management, and financial acumen. Mark holds a BS in Finance and Business Administration from the University of Missouri.

Mark has been happily married to Nancy for 31 years and has three adult children. In his spare time, Mark enjoys being on the lake, traveling, and trying new culinary experiences.

Why Venture? “The world is hurting, and the ‘trusted’ systems are no longer working. We need to give our young folks a foundation to succeed. We need more Christian Leaders in every profession and workplace. Venture creates that opportunity.”

Mark’s superpower is his ability to magically remove the tip of his finger—a trick that always surprises those around him. His thoughtful personality and dedicated leadership make him a crucial member of the Venture Academy team.