Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis

Music Teacher

Jennifer Davis is our Music Teacher, a dedicated educator, and a passionate musician. With six years of teaching experience, a degree in music therapy, and a Neurologic Music Therapy Certificate, Jenny brings a wealth of expertise to our school.

Beyond the classroom, Jenny has led community choirs and serves as a worship leader and classroom teacher at her church. Her commitment to music extends to her role as a school parent volunteer since 2017 and as a member of the Collective Choir since 2015.

Outside of work, Jenny and her family thrive on adventure, whether exploring the outdoors on a motorcycle or snowmobile, traveling, hosting exchange students, or tending to their flock of chickens. She tackled an Adventure Race together with her husband, which included bushwhacking, canoeing, and bicycling combined with navigating checkpoints showcasing their love for challenges.

Jenny enjoys supporting her two daughters in sports and music. Her superpower is drinking coffee at any hour without feeling its effects.