Welcome to Venture!


We are so grateful you came out this past June to the Focus Group presentation or have shown great interest in Venture Academy’s potential impact for God’s Kingdom in the Chippewa Valley. Over the last couple of months, a lot has happened, and we’re excited to share our updates with you.

Our team has been working diligently to tell Venture’s story better and cast a vision that will inspire and empower the next generation of Chippewa Valley students to be leaders that are grounded in a genuine faith.

After much prayer, countless conversations, and hard work, we are happy to provide some exciting updates that demonstrate progress toward the Venture vision being realized.

We’re grateful you’ve taken the time to start this journey with us and to stay current on all the miraculous things God is doing with our school and in our community.

Venture Academy Design Team

The brand is complete!

After more than half a year of designing, we are delighted to announce that our Venture brand is finally complete! The process has been an incredible experience that has helped us dive deeper into our identity as a Christian school, laser focus on Venture’s distinction, and cast a clear vision for the impact we want it to make in the Chippewa Valley. All for God’s glory and to equip this generation of learners for kingdom impact.

We found an architect!

The School Design Team is thrilled to officially announce that we’ve partnered with ATS+R in the Phase 1 concept designs, site program planning, and master construction budget. ATS+R has already provided us with so much value and confirmed we made the right choice in hiring architectural partners to build a school environment that reflects our mission. With over five decades of experience building the most innovative schools in the Midwest, we can’t wait to see what can be accomplished with a partner like ATS+R.

Come join our journey!

If you have any family or friends that want to stay informed, please share the website with them so they can get updates and sign-up for our newsletter! Please continue to join us in prayer for God’s direction, provision, and blessing on Venture Academy. Thank you!

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