Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

How Venture Integrates Technology That Goes Far Beyond Screens

Venture Academy’s Outdoor and Expeditionary Learning program is a groundbreaking blend of traditional learning and innovative practices, all within a Christian worldview. Our 160-acre campus in Chippewa Falls features woods, trails, and wetlands, offering students an exclusive opportunity to respect, connect with, and study nature in all four seasons and with a whole new perspective. This innovative program pours into students’ essential developmental needs and offers a rejuvenating solution to the lingering effects of pandemic isolation

Innovative Outdoor Learning Spaces

Venture incorporates advanced technology into outdoor learning spaces, such as high-tech tents and solar-powered greenhouses. These spaces and others serve as dynamic classroom alternatives where students can conduct science experiments, engage in reflective reading, and participate in hands-on activities that integrate technology directly into nature. This approach ensures that students benefit from the latest educational tools without being confined only to screens, fostering a balanced and enriching learning experience.

Environmental Stewardship and Skill Development

Venture’s commitment to environmental stewardship shines through with studies such as regenerative farming, where students learn about sustainability and responsible living. Activities like orienteering, geo-caching, and backpacking not only develop critical life skills but also cultivate a deep respect and love for the natural world. Venture Academy’s outdoor education program demonstrates that integrating faith with innovative teaching practices prepares students to be leaders with wisdom, compassion, and a profound appreciation for nature and the environment.

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