Celebrating 2023

Celebrating 2023

Wow–What an incredible journey we had in 2023! We witnessed significant progress in the establishment of our innovative Christian school for the Chippewa Valley!

From a humble dream in 2021 for a new educational option, we’ve made great strides over the past 12 months, through prayer, research, collaboration, coordination, and planning. Engaging with our community, we actively sought and listened to the hearts of area families, pastors, and leaders. Collectively, we crafted our Statement of Faith, established our Educational Philosophy, and carefully selected our best-of-the-best Curriculum.

We are so grateful to now have the ideal location for our future campus, thanks to the generous donation of 50 beautiful wooded acres by Jacob’s Well. Our vision has come alive through countless innovative designs and renderings for our new learning spaces, particularly the Phase 1 building remodel. The first hires of our Lower School Principal and Head of School marked the beginning of our recruitment and interview process for Phase 1 K-6 teaching and support staff.

Our vision of “Empowering Christ-centered leaders, designers, and innovators” resonated strongly with visitors at our initial open houses last fall. At these first two exciting events, we warmly welcomed the first wave of families and students into the Venture admissions process. All this progress over the past year is a testament to God’s faithfulness. And, we are so thankful for YOU– our partner in the Venture vision and stakeholder in our future success.

Merry Christmas!

As we celebrate this Christmas season, we reflect on the profound meaning of Christ’s birth and extend our gratitude to each of you for being part of our Venture family.

Our innovative Christian school, a gift to parents and grandparents seeking the absolute best for their children and grandchildren, aligns with our mission of empowering Christ-centered leaders, designers, and innovators.

In the Venture spirit of Curiosity, Bravery, Love, and Excitement, let’s cherish the joy of family and the exciting journey of education that lies ahead at Venture Academy.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

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