2024-25 School Calendar

2024-25 School Calendar

As we approach our Fall 2024 launch, we are thinking outside the box in everything we do, all toward accomplishing our mission of “Empowering Christ-centered leaders, designers, and innovators for a world we can’t yet imagine.” This mission and innovative planning applies to our school calendar as well.

One major difference in Venture Academy’s school calendar is the inclusion of three separate parent-teacher conferences throughout the year.

  • The first conference is designed to occur early in the academic year, to more effectively partner with parents and conduct goal-setting for the balance of the school year.
  • The second conference will evaluate the progress to date against those goals and allow for continued collaboration between the parents and teachers.
  • The third conference will be the most exciting! It is a time to celebrate academic and personal accomplishments. These have the potential to be student-led, giving students the opportunity to “own their journey” and display their leadership skills! Finally, the team will make a plan to position students for success in the year to come.

Another major difference– We are strategically utilizing our teacher professional days before the school year begins, in order to experience minimal disruption from days off during the school year. 

And these are just two of the highlights from our innovative calendar model.

Click below to see the full calendar! Our excitement is building as we share this 2024-2025 road-map with you, for the launch of our first school year next fall!

Download the 2024-2025 School Calendar

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